AFSCME Public Safety Protection Plan

AFSCME Advantage

Working in public safety, we know to expect the unexpected. That’s why it’s important to have a strong union.

The AFSCME Public Safety Protection Plan is a members-only benefit, providing added protection in case of on-the-job legal actions.

The Plan is powered by the PORAC Legal Defense Fund—America’s largest and most successful legal defense fund run by and for public safety officers. Serving more than 143,000 members nationwide, PORAC LDF has remained committed to protecting the rights and benefits of its members since 1974.

Plan II costs only $6.00 per member per month. Terms are different for AFSCME groups in California.*



When your employing agency defends and indemnifies you, the Plan will provide you with an experienced attorney to monitor your case to ensure you receive quality representation, free of any conflicts of interest between you and the employer or other involved officers. The civil monitor will also be available to answer your questions and address your concerns about the case throughout the process. If your employing agency refuses to defend you, then you will be provided with your own experienced, independent civil attorney to represent you in the case.

If there is:

  • A legal conflict of interest between you and your employer;
  • Inadequate representation by your employer;
  • A considerable likelihood that punitive damages could be awarded against you; or
  • If your employer refuses to represent you for an act or omission within the scope of your employment;

You will be provided with independent counsel by the Legal Defense Fund.


Full representation by an experienced criminal attorney from the onset of the investigation through trial. This benefit is available no matter what agency does the investigation (local, state, federal or FBI).

Civil and Criminal Coverage

Customary and Usual Services

  • Investigators
  • Expert witnesses
  • Polygraphers
  • Court reporters
  • Court costs
  • Conflict coverage (each member gets separate counsel)

No Cap on Benefits: The defense of peace officers can be very expensive. In its entire history, the LDF has never cut a members’ benefits because it was “too expensive.” This is a record that few legal plans can match.

Experienced List of Panel Attorneys: The PORAC Legal Defense Fund only engages highly experienced and well-qualified attorneys, with a history of representing public safety personnel.

24-Hour Coverage: The PORAC Legal Defense Fund has attorneys available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle emergency or critical incidents. Call 888-556-5631.


Only dues-paying AFSCME members of participating local unions are eligible. We recommend that locals sign up 100% of their eligible membership whenever possible. However, PORAC LDF requires that at least “50% plus one” of all eligible members enroll to qualify for the benefit (except HGEA**).

*Plan II rate for California is $7 per member per month and California groups are also required to join PORAC for an additional monthly cost per enrolled member, as per PORAC’s bylaws.

**For HGEA members only: to sign up for this benefit, members may contact HGEA Member Services at 808-542-0000 or email [email protected].

Affiliate or Local Leaders who would like more information about the AFSCME Public Safety Protection Plan may contact Genevieve Marcus, Senior Member Benefits Advocate at [email protected].